What I Think About…

The Whole 30… and Other New Year’s Revolutions

Learning to Trust My Body

Making Food From Scratch… Not Difficult, But Tedious

What We Eat

Of Breasts and Breastfeeding

Celadon Road Giveaway

Now That The No-Sugar Challenge Is Over

Why I Can’t Jump on the Support Chic-Fil-A Bandwagon

Checking In

To Your Health Tuesday: Keeping Your Colon Clean

Eating Well During Summer Festivities

The “Alternative” Lifestyle Can Be Lonely

Everett’s Birth Story

Why We Don’t Co-Sleep

This will change your life

I Don’t Need Your Judgement

Why My Marriage Was Doomed to Fail from the Beginning

Eating Better for Better Health

Why a Primal Pregnancy ROCKS!

The Next Step on Your Journey to Whole Food Health

Some Sugar-Free Options From Around The Web…

No-Sugar Challenge!

Getting Started with Green Smoothies- Simple Smoothie Recipe

Getting Started on Your Journey to Whole Food Health- A Few Simple Steps

One Week Before Starting the GAPS Diet…

My Week One GAPS Diet Intro Journal

The GAPS Diet is HARD… But I  Choose Joy!

Our GAPS Diet Journey… Weeks 2 & 3 Journal

An Update on Our GAPS Diet Journey

Guide to a Healthy 2014 with FREE Printable!

Natural Living- Home and Beauty Recipes and Remedies

Today, I Oil Pulled

Natural Home Remedies for Cold and Flu Season

There’s nothin’ like experimentin’”

An even better deodorant!

Over the Last Day…

As Promised… Homemade Deoderant!

Shower Gel

Baking Soda: My new BFF!

The Occasional Craft

Antique-Look Photo Plaques


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