An Update on Our GAPS Diet Journey

GAPS Diet Journey


Last time I blogged about our GAPS diet journey, things were not going so great.  We were sick and miserable.  We were tired of eating the same foods over and over.  I was exhausted of trying to force the kids to drink their broth, drink their broth, drink their broth!

We carried on, and by the end of week four, something amazing was happening.  Camden (5, ADHD symptoms) was transforming.  I went so far as to tell people he was a new kid.  And he was!  He was calm and polite and rarely made his brother (4) scream, a far cry from a month prior.  Then we started introducing full GAPS food (GAPS-legal treats sweetened with dates or honey, fruit, more raw vegetables) and he immediately began to regress.  I knew we were going to have to back track.  But there was one problem.  I didn’t want to.  Guess what?  I still don’t.

It’s been a few weeks since we came off of GAPS intro and we have cheated more than I’d like to admit, eating potatoes a couple of times, too much peanut butter (me), fruit (though not much), and way too many treats (pretty much a daily thing, and I’ve made them with both cocoa powder and maple syrup some of the time, neither of which are GAPS-legal).  Brace yourself- I even had my hubby grab some organic frozen pizzas a few nights ago because I was so burned out on cooking.  The pizza, though organic and really pretty stinkin healthy by frozen pizza standards, had a whole wheat and wheat germ crust.  I will say that I think our reactions are maybe not quite as bad as they used to be.  I got one little blister on my tongue and one tiny one on one of my fingers, and Camden’s bowel movements have not been as healthy as they were, but have not returned to loose stool status either.

Today, however, was one of the worst days we’ve had in a while.  The kids just seemed to wake up with a mission to make me crazy today.  Camden and I prayed last night that the Lord would help him to not pester Maddox and make him scream (which he’s been doing worse again since going off intro), and that seemed to be all he could do today.  I know when we pray specifically like that, sometimes we draw spiritual attack, and I feel we have been under spiritual attack in our home, really, since starting GAPS.  However, I know we have got to clean our diet back up.  I remember saying over and over again “I just want to do this right the first time, get through it, and never have to do it again” while we were on intro and realizing just how tough it was.  Now I know why people go through several rounds of intro in some cases!

Camden also has had one of his tics come back- he constantly clears his throat and occasionally coughs a little.  I think he actually may have a tickle or scratchy feeling in his throat which causes his to do this excessively, and I suspect it may be from eating cheese.  I have been tired and grouchy and have been dreaming a lot, which is weird because when I sleep well, I don’t dream at all and I wake up more rested.  My digestion has also really slowed and I’m feeling sluggish and heavy in the midsection.

At this point, I want to go back and do intro again.  I know it WAS working, we just stopped too soon.  I could see such amazing changes, and then such distinct regression as soon as we stopped intro.  I KNOW it works.  However, I do want to take it a little slower this time.  My hopes are that detoxing won’t be nearly as bad since we’ve just done it and that it will be a little smoother sailing since I know what to expect now.  I also didn’t actually get the GAPS diet book before doing the diet, because I had another book that details the intro and diet and I felt that was sufficient to follow it.  Now, I think it is necessary to READ THE BOOK!

So, like the first time, I plan to set a date for us to “restart” intro.  I’m ordering the GAPS diet book and probably an accompanying cookbook, which I expect will make my job much easier this time around.  I am going to try to menu plan every week and have a better plan for snacks, and make as much food ahead of time as I can, as the most difficult part about the first round of intro was being constantly hungry and not having simple grab and go snacks.  I am frustrated, confused and disappointed, but after getting a glimpse of such an improvement in Camden’s behavior, I’m willing to do it all over again in order to (hopefully) achieve such a change permanently.

Have you ever been through an intense diet and have to repeat it later on?


2 thoughts on “An Update on Our GAPS Diet Journey

  1. What a trooper you are. May God bless your new “Intro”. I have done the Whole30 twice (which I know isn’t nearly as hard as GAPS and I’m not even doing it with small children…I can’t seem to make my daycare kids follow my diet since I know they won’t at home, even though I know it would help them with allergies) and I think the second time was much easier. I still am not as consistently clean as I would like to be but I try to take one day at a time. Take encouragement in knowing you are doing what is best for YOUR children. May you continue to receive strength from above.:)

    • Thank you so much, Cheryl. The whole30 is nothing to sneeze at! The one time I tried to do it, the timing was bad and I bailed :/ It’s so great that you try to share some of the healthy foods with the little ones. Every little bit helps! I’m glad to know your second whole30 was easier than the first. Here’s hoping our second round of intro will be easier as well! I bought an e-book today with a 30 day intro meal plan and am heading to the library soon to pick up the GAPS book. I feel like I’ll be so much better prepared this time around, so that’s got to help!

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