Our GAPS Diet Journey… Weeks 2 & 3 Journal

GAPS Diet Journey


Week 2

Day 1

We started back on Stage One.  We ate lots of broth-boiled veggies and oxtail with vegetables for dinner.  We continued Camden on two Biokults per day and his behavior was about the same: slightly improved but lots of typical ADHD behavior.

Day 2

We had a kefir smoothie with gelatin, honey and coconut oil for breakfast, a whole (local, free-range) chicken with vegetables for lunch, and a roast with vegetables for dinner.  Camden’s behavior was pretty much the same, plus he had a bought of diarrhea, so I think the two Biokults per day may be causing too much die-off.  This day, we skipped the night-time Biokult.  After the kids went to bed, I gorged on raw honey and felt sick after.  Must figure out how to get these cravings under control!

Day 3

Rough day.  We felt crummy and cranky.  The kids were rather disobedient, and my digestion was very slow (i.e. nothing moving), which did not help my disposition.  The older boys developed coughs and all of us had runny noses.  I started a big batch of yogurt, so we looked forward to enjoying that the next day.  On this day, I felt frustrated and like giving up.  I was tired and weak, but I made a filling dinner and felt a little better after that.

Day 4

Camden was sick all day- he had a fever and slept pretty much all day.  He complained about an earache, so I did everything I could to try to help relieve it.  I moved us to stage two and started adding raw egg yolks to our bowls of stew, which I fed Camden myself when I could get him to sit up long enough to have some.  I also did not feel well.

Day 5

I woke up in the middle of the night with a splitting migraine thanks to head congestion.  I felt terrible all day and may have run a little fever.  We started eating boiled egg yolks and ate a ton of them this day.  I think we had roast for dinner.

Day 6

Camden had a baseball game and had no energy to play 😦  He just walked off the field to our pickup before the game was over, so we decided we would take him out of baseball until he feels better.  I took him to run errands with me later and he fell asleep in the pickup.  When I had to wake him up to go in the grocery store, he could barely stay awake in the cart and was just miserable.  We introduce avocados this day.  Camden had a ton of head congestion and a bad earache.  He was so miserable and in pain.  David and I used a neti pot and it helped us to feel better, but we couldn’t get Camden to give it a try.

Day 7

David brought me breakfast in bed after letting me sleep in- steak and eggs!  We had a “Customer Appreciation Day” at the local farm we purchase food from, which consisted of a visit to the farm and a big meal they prepared for us.  I didn’t want to miss out, so I packed us some food.  While we were there, Camden snuck some dessert that had (I believe) sugar and wheat.  His behavior worsened over the next few days.


Week 3

Day 1

Maddox (4) seemed to be the only one feeling well, but the rest of us were still miserable, so we went to the chiropractor.  Camden appeared to feel better as soon as he got adjusted!  We all felt better after the adjustment.  We all even used the bathroom after our adjustments, which was barely happening at this point (we had each only used the bathroom a couple of times in the couple of weeks we’d been on intro).  I also read that you should lay off high protein dairy like yogurt and kefir in favor of high fat dairy like buttermilk and sour cream if you are constipated.  So, we ate lots of homemade, raw sour cream this day.  Overall, this was a better day, but Camden’s behavior was poor and I suspected it was from the dessert he had snuck the day before.  He also had diarrhea twice in the night and once the next morning.  (I think he may have even passed some gall stones… but that’s a whole other can of worms :/ ).  Can’t be sure whether it was reaction to the food or die off, but I’m leaning towards die off since we were back to two Biokults a day.  We also introduced GAPS pancakes- crispy nut butter mixed with peeled, de-seeded squash, topped with raw honey and homemade sour cream.  This was a very exciting new food!

Day 2

Everett (1) woke up with a fever.  We all felt tired and lethargic and I had a very hard time getting the kids to drink their broth.  I did get them to drink some sour cream smoothies which I hid some broth in.  Camden’s energy improved a lot this day.  We had fajitas with cauliflower wraps for dinner and they were really yummy!  Still, it was another rough day and I felt really discouraged.

Day 3

We had a playdate scheduled with a neighbor this day, and I debated whether or not we should go because I still wasn’t feeling great and I feared Camden would somehow get some food he shouldn’t have.  But I was also curious how he would behave, so we went ahead.  I was right to be afraid about what he might eat… but first things first.  For the first time EVER, we went to a playdate and I got to chat with the other mom.  This has never happened before.  I usually don’t get to chat because I’m too busy chasing Camden around and pulling him off his brother and other kids.  He played with toys and games quietly and peacefully.  I couldn’t believe my eyes!  …And then he found a piece of candy in their kitchen, and, of course, ate it.  His change in behavior was almost instantaneous.  I was so mad at myself for letting my guard down.  It is incredibly frustrating to make such great progress and then have him ruin it like that.  I wanted to cry.

Day 4

His behavior was reflective of the candy he’d had and he pestered his brother all day long, making him cry and scream.  I still wasn’t feeling well and things just felt overall chaotic and stressful.  I feared he was looking too skinny and again, I was almost ready to give up.  We were going through more food than I felt like I could prepare.  I think one of the hardest parts of the intro diet is that we can’t have our typical snacks like bananas or raisins to tide us over between meals.  I have to prepare something like boiled vegetables or try to get the kids to drink a mug of broth.

Day 5

This day was about like the others.  The kids were having some diarrhea and I was back to being constipated, though things were moving better than before.  Camden’s behavior was still poor, and it was clear the candy he’d had two days prior was sticking with him.  We all got adjusted at the chiropractor again and she could tell we were in much better shape than we’d been Monday.  Still, we were all pretty tired, as that has become the norm for us for now.

Day 6

Camden seemed to be feeling pretty well and was much more energetic, so David took him to his baseball game.  He reported that Camden’s behavior was great and he played well 🙂  We grilled out that night and had some yummy skewers with beef and veggies.  I had decided we weren’t going to have honey any more for a long time, and this was the first day we were totally out so we didn’t have any.  I also decided we were not going to have any more nuts indefinitely because I know we’ve eaten too many and I know they were giving me a stomach ache.

Day 7

I woke up early with a horrible migraine.  I used some essential oils and it improved only a little.  I went back to sleep for a bit, and when I woke up again, my entire body hurt all over.  We had some scrambled eggs for breakfast which had a little raw milk in them, plus Camden snuck a little raw milk before I had a chance to turn it into yogurt.  We snacked on boiled eggs, veggies and sauerkraut (which is becoming a staple as a snack around here) while David smoked a roast.  The roast made a delicious dinner.  I made some crispy (soaked and dehydrated) nuts and seeds into a grain-free granola and some roasted, salted crispy peanuts for David to take to work.  The kids ate almost all of them through the day, and I had some too.  So frustrating that if something is IN the house, we cannot stay out of it.  Tomorrow I think we will backtrack just a little and try to get all the nuts out of our systems.  Camden had been back down to only one Biokult per day for most of last week, but after he seems to be feeling well and having healthy BMs, I went ahead and added the second dose back in tonight.


I’ve started just giving the kids a tiny bit of broth in a small glass to make it manageable for them and they are drinking it ok.  I add sauerkraut to nearly every meal as well, and often both sour cream and sauerkraut.  Truth be told, I am miserable and grouchy.  This diet is taking a toll on my emotions and my body, but I’m determined to push through, because otherwise, what will this have all been for?  Hoping and praying this week is better.



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