My Week One GAPS Intro Diet Journal

GAPS Diet Journey


On Stage One, you can eat: Broth, soups and stews made from broth, the meat from the boiled bones, cultured dairy such as yogurt and kefir (if tolerated), vegetables fermented without whey, sauerkraut juice, the following boiled vegetables: carrots, squash with seeds and peel removed, broccoli and cauliflower with stems removed, onions and leeks.

My kids and I are following the diet, and my husband eats whatever we’re eating when he’s at home.  This helps and simplifies things a lot.  I would not recommend starting the GAPS diet unless your significant other is on board, because it is a lot of work and not worth it if there will be other foods around for the kids to get into.

Day One

We ate stew for breakfast and lunch and broth in between.  I tried to give ginger tea as the book suggests, but my oldest wouldn’t drink it, so I abandoned that idea pretty quickly since it was not high on my list of prioritized foods.  By afternoon, Camden’s (5) behavior was very difficult to manage and Maddox (4) was very, very cranky, screaming and crying and complaining of a headache.  I was also very hungry.  Things were rough.  I gave the boys a detox bath with bentonite clay, baking soda and Epsom salts.  Afterwards, Camden settled right down and got busy with a quiet activity and Maddox curled up with a blanket and went to sleep.  I had David stop and get me some snacks because I was so hungry and I wasn’t sure I could stick with stage one.  When he got home and took Cam outside to play, I locked myself in my room and pigged out on applesauce and pistachios.  When Maddox woke up, I had him eat his stew, then let him have some applesauce as well.  I’m letting him have some things that Cam is not since he doesn’t have any health or behavior problems to speak of.  After the boys went to bed, I had more pistachios.  I overdid it on the pistachios and didn’t feel great afterwards.

Day Two

I felt fine upon waking, but Camden felt very weak and had a stomach ache.  I gave him warm mineral water and a Biokult tablet.  He threw up soon afterward.  I gave him a detox bath.  We ate boiled roast with broth and vegetables and snacked on carrots boiled in broth.  I also introduced sauerkraut juice (fermented without whey).  Before bed, I gave Camden some Zeolite (heavy metal detox) and we did an allergy test with kefir, rubbing it on our wrists and leaving it overnight.

Day Three

I nursed Everett from about 4-5 am, then awoke at almost  9 feeling very weak and dizzy.  Since I hadn’t reacted to the kefir, I poured some into a bowl with a little raw honey right away and scarfed it down, then had a second serving.  I was so hungry and eating it so quickly, I knew I needed to slow down for fear of getting sick!  When the boys got up, I gave them the same thing since neither of them had reactions to the kefir test either.  They loved it.  Meanwhile, I had cooked some butternut squash in chicken broth overnight in the crockpot.  I blended it with a clove of garlic and some salt and pepper and the kids and I ate some right then and continued to eat it all day.  Mid-morning, Maddox got ahold of and ate some dog treats (low point).  A little while later, Camden also had a bite of one.  I also caught him eating some cashews and made him spit them out as soon as I caught him, so I don’t think he got much.  For most of the morning, Cam’s behavior was amazing.  He was kind, helpful and thoughtful.  A little while after the dog treat, it was downhill with the behavior, though.  He also got some cheese later that I had forgotten about, and, again, I made him spit it out.  Later, all the kids got David’s frozen berries that he uses for his smoothies (he’s offered to keep them in the garage freezer from now on…).  I really lost it after that one.

I had a ton of energy this day and cleaned the entire house.  Seriously.  We had stew for dinner again.  After fighting Camden to drink his broth again, I added some gelatin to is and put it in fun molds and popped it in the fridge.  The kids happily ate the “broth jello” after this.  I also made ginger tea lightly sweetened with honey in the same manner and they loved these too.

By 10 pm, I was really hungry, so I made a batch of sunflower seed butter with coconut oil and honey.  By 11 I was still very hungry, so I ate two boiled egg yolks.  Camden finally had his first bowel movement on this day, and though it wasn’t the healthiest looking BM, at least he finally went, and it wasn’t diarrhea, which is pretty typical for him.  I wasn’t moving much along in this area either.


In stage two you can begin to add raw egg yolks and more fats like ghee, which I began due to hunger.

     Day Four

I didn’t plan to enter stage two until we were having regular bowel movements, but we were just too hungry on stage one, and I felt we needed more fat, so in the afternoon, I added a raw egg yolk to each of our bowl of soup.  We also had a boiled yolk each at lunch.  Camden snuck a few extra yolks.  After the little boys had a nap, we were all very hungry.  This is when we finished off the soup with an egg yolk for each of us.  I had to really fight the kids to eat theirs and finally added some chicken parts to it and spoon-fed each of them (I’ve had to resort to just feeding them myself lately, which I’m totally willing to do to get the food into them, even though it’s a little annoying).  I had also added a little ghee to each bowl.  After this, I was still very hungry,  Earlier in the day, I had snacked on some of the sunflower seed butter, but it didn’t taste good to me or seem to settle well.  We were almost out of food, so I ran to the store to stock up again after David got home.  While, I was there, I was able to meet with the certified health coach the health store has on staff.  He thought I needed more fat and protein (as I figured).  He told me to just eat more of what I was eating and more squash (carbs) and fat like ghee and coconut oil.  I went home and cooked broccoli and onions in ghee and broth and served it with a chicken stew.  For dessert, we had (the highest quality store-bought I could find) yogurt with raw honey and we all loved it.  I also had a little of this as soon as I got home from the store and it made me feel better right away.  The soup I ate all day made with zucchini, yellow squash and carrots never left me full, but a little yogurt made me feel satisfied until dinner was ready.  The butternut squash soup the day before had been much better and made me feel great, so I got acorn squash to try in a soup the next day.  I ate quite a few bites of honey throughout the night, as it was satisfying my cravings for sweet and carb-y, but I’m not sure I should be giving in to the cravings…  Camden’s behavior was pretty good this day, though he was obstinate when I was making him eat things he didn’t want.  Maddox didn’t feel great today, nor did Everett (1), who had a snotty nose and felt a little warm, but was happy.

Day Five

Everyone woke up cranky and not feeling great.  After we ate some yogurt blended with raw honey, egg yolks and coconut oil.  We were better and the kids played nicely together all morning like never before.  This was the best behavior I had seen from Cam in a long time!  I felt liberated and validated, but very humbled and grateful  for the changes I was seeing in Camden.  Playing between my kids generally amounts to my having to intervene every few minutes (or more!) because Camden is making Maddox scream.  This was not the case this morning.  It was wonderful.

I looked up scripture on praising the Lord, then went into my room for some quite time (I could usually never do this and leave the children for any amount of time) and praised the Lord for a peaceful morning.  With tears streaming down my face, I asked Him for the words to praise him and He gave me a new song to sing to Him.

Day Six

We slept terrible the night before, so today was not a good judge of anyone’s behavior or how any of us were feeling.  We had yogurt for breakfast again and broth, stew and vegetables through the day.  We went out for errands and ended up being gone much longer than intended.  We were wrecked by the time we got home.  We got our raw milk for the week this day and I began a batch of kefir!  I made a dinner of ground beef and liver with boiled spaghetti squash, which I then mixed up hamburger helper-style and cooked in broth with ghee and herbs.  We loved it!  This could easily be made without the liver for a more main-stream flavor, but I wanted us to get the extra nutrition.

Day Seven

We had the leftover spaghetti squash meal for breakfast.  This was Camden’s first day to take two Boikult tablets, one in the morning and one at night.  He had a solid bowel movement- maybe the healthiest he’d ever had.  I was thrilled!  Over poop!  Yes!  The kids have been getting a little better about drinking their broth.  We ate veggies cooked in broth topped with sour cream.  The sour cream didn’t seem to settle well with me.  The store-bought cultured dairy products have made my stomach feel bloated and crampy (and I’m still not having regular BMs), so I don’t plan to have those anymore now that we are stocked back up on kefir.  David let me go lay down for a while to rest and I slept for at least two hours.  My body was totally exhausted after the week we’d had.  Camden snuck some raw carrots while I was asleep…  We had ghee and broth cooked veggies with grilled steaks (though I know it was too soon for grilled meats, David just really wanted steak!) for dinner.  Camden had some really great behavior today, but also plenty of onery behavior.  His behavior is kind of 1/2 and 1/2, but the boys sat and read books nicely together while I put Everett to bed.  This was a first!

I’ve decided we will re-do intro and keep out the store-bought dairy and wait a little longer on eggs (at least for Camden.  Because I’m still nursing Everett, I pretty much jump straight to stage two to ensure I’m getting enough fat).  Camden is anxious to have more foods, so I explained we are staring over but if he keeps sneaking foods, we won’t be able to progress.  I pray he gets it and will stick to only the foods I give him.


We take a couple of supplements around here… I have Camden on the high-strength probiotic Biokult.  It’s expensive and the rest of us don’t need it like he does, so at this point, I’m giving it only to him to address his more moderate issues of ADHD and digestive issues.  We all take Green Pasture fermented cod liver oil/high vitamin butter oil blend.  I also start us all off with warm water in the mornings, to which I add a magnesium + trace mineral liquid (it tastes awful!), as well as some zeolite drops to the boys’ water for any heavy metal detoxing they might need (I may start myself back on a small dose as well).  I also give them a glass of water in the evenings with their cod liver oil (and Cam’s Biokult) with some of the magnesium and zeolite.

All in all, I think it was a great first week.  The kids are getting used to the food and broth, I am figuring out what I need to not get terribly hungry but still stick to the diet for my own healing, I’m also learning how to get the kids to eat the foods, and we are starting to see glimpses of what I hope Camden’s behavior will be like when we are done with the diet for good.


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