One Week Before Starting the GAPS Diet…

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We are one week away from starting our GAPS diet journey.  Really, we’ve been on the journey for quite some time, but next week marks the beginning of going all in and starting the GAPS intro.

If you aren’t sure what the GAPS diet is, I would suggest looking into it in-depth, but to explain it quickly and simply, “GAPS” stands for “Gut and Psychology Syndrome.”  It deals with the connection between poor gut health and psychological disorders, as well as many other health problems, including auto-immune disorders and food allergies.

I learned of the GAPS diet almost two years ago.  When I first started reading about it, the restrictions and limited foods seemed outrageous to me.  There was no way we were prepared to remove all of those foods from our diet.  So, we continued to strive to eat as well as we could as I continued to learn more about healthy eating in general.  In July of 2012, we kicked sugar to the curb, and have kept it out of our diet for the most part since (we occasionally buy some high-quality organic chocolate, because, well, it’s CHOCOLATE!).

A few months later, we took the next big step in our journey and eliminated grains.  Eliminating grains was a big change for me, as most of our meals contained some sort of grain (organic/homemade/properly prepared/soaked).  However, once I realized how fantastic I felt off of grains, I was sold on a grain-free lifestyle.  Again, we have cheated over the months and even fallen off the proverbial bandwagon as it were several times, especially with a move over Christmas.

Now that we are settled and are almost through two out of three of our kids’ birthday parties, we are gearing up to go all in.  For stage one of the intro, we will eat mostly bone broth-based stews and soups made with boiled meats and intro-allowable vegetables, as well as sauerkraut juice, plain broth and ginger tea.  This is pretty much all we will have for probably a week, maybe longer.  When we are ready, we will introduce a raw egg yolk to each cup of stew, as well as lacto-fermented vegetables (the sauerkraut juice in stage one must come from sauerkraut fermented without whey).

So, how am I preparing this week before?  I will be making a fresh batch of sauerkraut without whey (replace the whey with extra salt), several batches of bone broth and a fresh batch of beet kvass without whey.  I will stock up on intro-allowable vegetables such as carrots, onions, broccoli, cauliflower, leeks and squash, and I have ordered some Biokult pro-biotics (very high strength and good combination of culture strains) and our next couple of bottles of fermented cod liver oil, which I will mix in equal parts with some organic, unrefined coconut oil to up our saturated fat intake.

We should be ready to get started on Sunday!  I am a little anxious about how it will go, because, let’s be honest, getting kids to eat stew for breakfast, lunch and dinner probably won’t be a walk in the park, but mostly, I’m excited!  This has been a long time coming and I’m ready for the results one can expect from the GAPS diet, namely healing our oldest son’s ADHD symptoms, as well as my own chronic migraines which come and go.  Overall, I expect our whole family to detox from poor food choices, vaccinations and other toxins that we subjected ourselves to for years.  I will try to post weekly updates as we progress through the intro diet (6 stages, which I expect to take 1-2 months).  You can also like my page on Facebook to keep up with more updates!


Have you done the GAPS diet and healed yourself or family from extreme health conditions or are you interested in trying the GAPS diet?



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