A Perfectly Paleo Birthday Party! GAPS Diet* and Allergy Friendly, Grain-Free Party Food!

My little guy turned one! I have to say, I am a sucker- an absolute sucker- for throwing big, fun parties! I love party planning. I love making a special cake for my kiddos, especially for a first birthday so they can have one all to themselves to smash and mash and taste and play with. But now more than ever, it is important to me that the cake be healthy. And since we’ve gone grain-free, it’s even a little trickier. However, I think I pulled off the perfect paleo birthday party, in which I used no grains, sugar or any other nasties typically found at a child’s birthday party. Here’s what I came up with. Enjoy!


Decorations take center stage when healthy, simple foods are available!


If you’re like me, you want to treat your kids with fun, yummy food. That used to mean frozen, boxed corn dogs. Thank goodness I can say it’s been years since I’ve bought any kid-friendly foods from the freezer section. So, I came up with these paleo-friendly “corn”dog muffins- a coconut flour-based cornbread-like muffin with a chunk of uncured, hormone and antibiotic-free hot dogs. Even guests who don’t typically eat a grain-free diet enjoyed them and I thought they really did taste like corndogs!


Homemade lemonade with a secret ingredient- Sweet Lemon flavored Natural Calm (a magnesium supplement).  Instead of hyping kids up on sugar and sending them home wired, we gave them Natural Calm, so they can go home mellow!  You’re welcome, fellow parents. My brother-in-law was kind enough to juice a dozen lemons for me, to which we added filtered water, a couple tablespoons of the Natural Calm, and honey/maple syrup to taste.

IMG_1000_crop IMG_1002

Cupcakes for the guests- on top is a coconut flour-based strawberry shortcake, with strawberries baked throughout and sliced on top.  On the bottom is my new favorite treat, a chocolate cupcake (made with or without eggs!), with a caramel center and topped with a chocolate frosting and toasted pecans.  I really don’t even want to tell you how many cupcakes I *may* have eaten throughout the day.


My little guy’s personal cake!  Made with the same chocolate cake recipe I used for the cupcakes, and topped with a frosting made of palm oil, butter and honey.  I used to use lots of colored frosting made with powdered sugar.  Cute decorations can replace the colorful frosting for a fun option that doesn’t use artificial dyes.


He loved it and mommy doesn’t have to feel guilty about giving baby junk!


For the main course, we made “burger skewers”- using the homegrown ground beef we get from my in-laws, we made mini burgers that my hubby grilled up.  You can then stick them on a skewer and top them with whatever you like.  I ate mine by dipping it in guacamole and homemade lacto-fermented ketchup.  I got the idea for these skewers from Danielle at Against All Grain– brilliant!

 *My husband also made “regular” burgers for the “regular” folks so that no one had to feel weird about eating a burger without a bun if they didn’t want to.  He balances me out.  I am all for all healthy all the time, whereas he wants to accomodate guests a little better.  It works.


Finally, no birthday party is complete without a favor to send away with the kiddos.  Birthday party treat bags typically contain some kind of candy and lots of little toys that get broken and spread all over my house for me to step on in the dark in the middle of the night.  Not this time.  I just put some organic apple sauce in little canning jars, put circles of burlap in between lid layers, and tied it off with a red ribbon and spoon.  Easy peasy.


We had such a wonderful time celebrating the first birthday of our littlest son!  Guests commented that the food was good and, yes, they asked me if the cupcakes were “natural”.  I always worry a little about serving our “weird” food to “normal” people 😉  But everything got eaten and people even asked for recipes, so all in all I think it was a success!

*To make foods GAPS-diet friendly, use honey as sweetener!  All baked goods were made with coconut flour and have an egg-free option by using chia seeds to replace the eggs.  Getting creative with GAPS diet foods is easy!


2 thoughts on “A Perfectly Paleo Birthday Party! GAPS Diet* and Allergy Friendly, Grain-Free Party Food!

  1. If you use honey as a sweetener instead of sugar, does that affect the “liquid” amount in the recipe? I.e. do you have to change the amount of other liquids – like eggs, water, milk, etc.?

    • Yes, you do have to adjust. All of my coconut flour recipes use honey or maple syrup and lots of eggs since coconut flour is so dry. But if you are converting a conventional recipe, you will definitely have to make adjustments to make a liquid sweetener work in place of a granulated sweetener. You just have to play with it, but if you are wanting to use honey, I would hold back the other liquids first and slowly add them until you have a good consistency to your batter or dough.

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