The Whole 30… and Other New Year Revolutions

Happy New Year

I don’t want to make any resolutions… I want my life to experience revolution.  Revolution in my walk with the Lord.  Revolution in my marriage.  Revolution in my parenting.  And, yes, revolution in my eating habits.  No doubt, these things are all great in my life already, but I am encouraged to take everything to the next level this year.  Here’s how:

#1- Find a church in our new town.  We kinda stopped attending church before we moved because things were so crazy and we just wanted to relax on Sundays.  We found that we really enjoyed having Sundays together as a family with no commitments, so if we could find a church that has Saturday evening services, that would be a huge bonus.  I also goal to read my bible more (I think that’s always a goal!).  I am so excited to experience all the Lord has for me in 2013 and I want to do all I can to stay in relationship with Him.

#2- I hope to appreciate my husband more every day and find ways to show him.  I’m always working on being more respectful and submissive to him, so I hope to grow in this area.  Also, I really hope to remember to pray for him in earnest every single day.

#3- I want to grow as a mother.  As I learn more about being a peaceful parent, I find that my kids are happier and better behaved when I implement what I learn: not yelling, actually listening to them and allowing them to share their feelings, encouraging kindness amongst them, knowing that they are kids and are going to do some knuckle-headed things 😉

#4- Yesterday I started the Whole 30!  I already adhere to a Paleo lifestyle most of the time, and have felt exponentially better as a result, but I ate a lot of junk (pizza, cookies, cake, even some organic and natural candy!) over the last few months of selling a house, packing, moving and holiday craziness, and that’s even with my adhering totally to grain and sugar-free Thanksgiving and Christmas days!  As a piggy-back to better eating, I’m hoping to just increase my overall wellness and am hoping to start at a yoga studio in our new town- starting with a class this evening!  Less stress= healthier body and happier family!

I hope the new year is finding you well.  I am going to blog about my experience with the Whole 30 throughout the month and will share some recipes and meal tips.  Consider joining me as I take this journey to better health!

The Whole 30 restricts eating the following:

Grains (ALL grains, not just “gluten”)


Sugar and all sweeteners (even honey and maple syrup!)



Food additives like MSG, carageenan, sulfites

White potatoes


Let us know in the comments if you are thinking about doing the Whole 30 in the new year!


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