What We Eat

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I’ve had several people ask me lately what it is our family actually eats.  I think when starting out on the whole food journey, most people are overwhelmed by what they CAN’t eat, rather than keeping in mind what they CAN eat.  I have been wanting to create a menu plan because I’m terrible at menu planning, so that will be coming soon.  Today, I’m going to give you just a snapshot of what we eat in a typical day.

Breakfast: I have a few different go-to meals for breakfast.  We will typically have a smoothie, yogurt with fruit or granola, sprouted toast with butter or homemade jam, or some sort of muffin or pastry that I’ve soaked the night before and baked that morning.  Sometimes, we even eat leftover cookies from the night before (like yesterday).

Lunch: I try to get creative with lunch and make it a decently large meal so my husband can get through his afternoon at work.  We often eat BLTs on sprouted bread (with nitrate- and antibiotic-free bacon, organic lettuce and tomatoes, and avocado), gluten-free maccaroni with a homemade cheese sauce and homegrown ground beef and organic broccoli all added in (for a sort-of homemade hamburger helper), or if I have any tortillas made, we may do some simple bean and cheese burritos.

Dinner: My husband and I often make dinner together, but it just depends on the day.  With all of our fall activities gearing up, we’ll have less time to cook together 😦  My favorite way to do dinner is by having my husband grill meat (whatever clean meat we have on hand: organic/pastured/homegrown [whatever we have, but preferably one of these] chicken legs, steak or pork chops), while I roast some vegetables in the oven.  Mashed organic potatoes with raw/pastured milk and butter are a favorite, and usually serve as our carb.  We’ve gotten away from having bread with our dinners, although I love a good sourdough with some butter, so I’m hoping to get back into the swing of making bread soon.

Hopefully you can see that the diet we follow is not so difficult.  I went through a vegan phase for a while- THAT was difficult and very limiting.  By limiting our foods to whole, real foods, we still have a huge selection to choose from, it just takes a lot more preparation, which I am used to now, but was not when we started eating healthier a couple of years ago.  The key is starting somewhere manageable for you and taking small steps to achieving better eating habits and health.


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