Now That the No-Sugar Challenge is Over…

Image credit: KJGarbutt


I stayed off sugar for the most part for two months.  Since then, I have stayed off sugar for the most part 🙂  Once I got it out of my system and stopped craving it (which I didn’t much because I didn’t eat much of it anyways), it was really quite easy.

So, now that the no-sugar challenge is over, what is my take on sugar consumption?  Just because the “challenge” is over, doesn’t mean I plan to go back to eating sugar like I did before.  Instead, I am still diligent about how much and what kind of sugar we consume in our home.  I have snuck a teeny bit of organic sugar in a couple of recipes due to being in a pinch.  In order to avoid this in the future, I plan to start keeping Rapadura around.  I bought some recently, and at almost $6 a pound, I would imagine we will use it sparingly.  I also used coconut sugar (also nearly $6 a pound) recently for my son’s birthday cupcakes.  It worked well and is completely unrefined.  I feel good about using this over refined sweeteners.

I still use maple syrup occasionally to sweeten things, but at almost $9 for 12 oz, it is the priciest of my preferred sweeteners.  Raw honey in recipes that don’t call for heating is a favorite as well.  I also bought some organic molasses that I tried in place of corn syrup for a recipe… it lent a slight bitter flavor, so I’ll have to experiment with that one a bit.

While I still enjoy the occasional sweet (and, really, let’s be honest, who doesn’t?), I do try to be smart about it.  I think we should enjoy our food.  No one wants to live life eating bland, unsatisfactory food.  But I love the challenge of eating things we enjoy that actually nourish our bodies.

So, how has it been going since the challenge ended?  Have you gone back to sugar, or are you sticking with the change?


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