Checking In

Well, I have been kind of getting my tail kicked by lack of sleep lately.  So, when I go into “survival mode”, everything else gets left a bit by the wayside as I provide for the two most basic needs of my family: love and whole foods. 🙂

I was just thinking that even though I am up several times a night with my four-month-old, and am incredibly tired a lot of the time, how much worse I would feel if I didn’t eat well.  And, in fact, I remember feeling a lot worse during this time after my second son was born.  I attribute feeling much better this time around to a better diet.  It is well-known that sugar causes feelings of sluggishness, made worse by the extra fat that collects on the body due to its consumption.

I would definitely say that since I have cut sugar out altogether, I have felt a little more energetic.  I also lost the last five pounds of baby weight I’d been hanging on to.  That’s always a plus!  And to brag on my momma a little bit, she (and my dad) continues to lose weight as she stays off sugar and has made the switch over to raw milk, as well as some other wonderful changes.

So, just a quick note of encouragement to remind you of some of the benefits of eliminating sugar: you will not regret it!  Make the change and start to feel better (even if you are kept up all night by your sweet children)!


Are you participating in the No-Sugar Challenge?  How’s it going?  How are you feeling?


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