Date Ice Cream Recipe

I love ice cream.  Up until a couple of months ago, my family and I would go a few times a month to a very popular ice cream place here in town.  Their ice cream (and all of the wonderful flavors and add-ins) is delicious.  And also very, very bad for you!  Conventional ice cream, whether bought at the grocery store or the ice cream shop, is generally loaded with high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils, and, yes, SUGAR.  I have been experimenting with making my own ice cream for a few months now and tried a new take on one from Modern Alternative Mama that is perfect for our No-Sugar ChallengeIt also happens to be really yummy!

You will need a blender and an ice cream maker (I just recently got a two-quart Cuisinart ice cream maker with the freezer bowl and I love it!).


4 Cups Raw Milk (or organic coconut milk [Native Forest is a good brand.])

3 Pastured Eggs

2 tsp Real Vanilla

10 Pitted Dates (I used organic medjool dates, which can often be found in the “bulk” foods.  Again, be sure they don’t have any sugar added and it’s just dates!)

Blend all ingredients together* and pour into your ice cream maker.  Follow manufacturer’s directions.

This came out SOOOO yummy!  My kids asked for seconds, and you know what?  I didn’t mind giving them a little extra because with raw milk, pastured eggs and fiber, vitamin and mineral-rich dates, this is practically a health food!

*If you have a cheaper blender (like I do, but hoping to remedy that soon!), you may find that the dates do not become as smooth as you’d like and may not disperse into the ice cream as well.  You may want to remove the skins from the dates before blending if this is the case.


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