Step 2: Brewing Your Kombucha

Just over two weeks ago, we started our scoby to begin brewing our own kombucha.  It should take around three weeks (give or take) for your scoby to grow thick enough to use to brew your batch.  In warmer climates (like here in Texas), it may take less time.  I can have a scoby thick enough sometimes in a week or two.  The key is watching for when the scoby is between 1/4-1/2″ thick.

Scoby, ready for brewing! 

What you will need:

Mature scoby

Plain black or green tea, preferably organic (3-4 small bags or 1-2 large)

1 gallon (minus about two cups) filtered water (I use the water from my reverse osmosis tap; you don’t want chemically treated water.)

1 cup sugar, preferably organic

Large pot

Gallon-sized glass jar

Boil your gallon of water, then steep the tea for 10-15 minutes.  Stir in the sugar while the tea is still hot enough to completely dissolve it (the sugar will be consumed by the fermentation process).  Let the tea cool to room temperature, then pour it into your glass jar.

Now you are going to transfer your scoby from your smaller jar where it has been growing to the top of the tea in the gallon jar.  Start by pouring the original tea from the smaller jar into the new tea.  The scoby will probably stay in the smaller jar, as the tea usually just slides out underneath it.  You want to transfer the scoby to the top of the gallon tea, however, if it sinks and doesn’t stay on top of the liquid, that’s ok (it will most likely rise to the top on its own later).  The scoby should be pretty hardy, so don’t be shy about grabbing it to place it on top of the new tea if you need to.

Again, cover with a towel and let sit out on the counter.  Your next step will be anywhere from 5-30 days from now.


3 thoughts on “Step 2: Brewing Your Kombucha

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  2. I got the scoby in the mail today. I am so excited cant wait to try this! Thanks so much. Ps. The scoby is so weird not what I expected it to look like!

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