Lacto-Fermented Strawberry Lemonade Recipe


If you’ve been making yogurt, you should have some whey on hand now.  Whey, as a byproduct of yogurt (as well as cheese and other dairy product)- making, is full of the same live cultures found in yogurt.  When you ferment a food or drink with whey, it is called lacto-fermentation.  By fermenting a food or drink with whey, you add those beneficial bacteria (which we talked about in the kombucha post) to the food or drink, giving it instant health benefits!  I have lacto-fermented salsa and guacamole, and they were great, without the flavor changing at all!


Today, I’m going to share a recipe for a summer favorite, lacto-fermented style! 🙂

To make lacto-fermented strawberry lemonade, you will need:

12 Medium Lemons

6-8 Large Strawberries

1 Cup Whey (Raw is best!)

1 Cup Sugar (Organic is best, but the sugar will be consumed during the fermentation process)

1 Gallon Glass Jar

Hand or Electric Juicer

First, juice the lemons and strawberries and add the juice to the jar.

Add the sugar and whey to the juice and mix well.

Fill the jar to the top with filtered water (tap water can disturb the live bacteria/cultures in the whey).

Cover tightly and let sit for two days.

After two days, it’s ready to drink!  The finished product is fairly tart, so you can add a little honey to your glass if you need to sweeten it.  My kids, however, love it and don’t ask for it to be sweetened.

Store in the refrigerator.


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