Cinnamon Roll Sourdough Pancakes ~ Recipe

These are beyond amazing.  I mean, for real.  My kids can’t get enough, and for not being a huge fan of pancakes, I really love them too.  They even got my husband’s seal of approval this morning (he usually makes weekend breakfast).

Pancakes were the first thing I made with my sourdough starter.  They are simple and non-intimadating, plus require no additional flour like a loaf of bread does.  If you are new to sourdough, read here for the benefits and how to make a starter.

For the pancakes:

I use this recipe from Naturally Knocked Up, but you can use your favorite sourdough pancake recipe.  I adapted the following directions from Riddlelove, with a couple of changes.

To turn your sourdough pancakes intoCinnamon Roll Sourdough Pancakes,you will need:

3 TBS Coconut oil (I use organic, unrefined)

1 tsp Maple syrup (I use organic so you can really be sure it’s pure)

1-2 tsp Ground Cinnamon

1/8-1/4 Cup Pecans, broken into small pieces


Combine first three ingredients in a zip loc baggie, mix well, and snip a tiny bit of corner off the baggie.

Preheat your skillet to med-low heat.

Make sure you have plenty of (REAL) butter on your skillet before pouring on the batter for your first pancake.

As the batter begins to fry, but is still gooey, scatter pecan pieces into the pancake.

Once the pancake begins to bubble and the bubbles are popping, it’s time to flip.

After flipping is when I prefer to add the cinnamon mixture, otherwise, I’ve found it sinks through the pancake and burns to the pan.  Use the baggie of cinnamon mixture to drizzle a swirl over the pancake.  It will sink in without sinking through.  Pancake will be done and ready after about one minute on the second side.

Eat the first one quickly before your family gets a chance to gobble it up 🙂

Repeat, this time, sharing!


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