Simple, Frugal Home Fragrance

I adapted this today from an article on Yahoo:

You will need-

     Small Candle Holders or Jars

     Baking Soda

     Fragrance or Essential Oil

I had these little tea light holders left over from a dinner party, and even then I only spent 50 cents a piece on them from Hobby Lobby.  I filled each one with a scoop of baking soda, then added about 10 drops of essential oil (jasmine, my fave!) in each one.  I then just used the spoon to mix all of the oil well into the baking soda.  Then, I placed one in the kitchen, two in the living area, and one each in the master bedroom and bath. 

Voila!  Very simple, super inexpensive fragrance diffusers throughout the house!  And my home smells lovely!  (I should note, however, that I’m not sure how long the fragrance will last out in the open like this… I will add an update when I figure it out.)


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