This will change your life

Okay, it might.  IF you have the problem I have had over the last 20 months.  Now, I realize this post will be pretty personal, but I believe so much in the effectiveness of the product I am about to tell you about, that I must share my story so that other women may benefit from it!

After my youngest was born in April of 2009, I dealt with the usual sleep depravity and after baby adjusting that most mommies do.  However, looking back, I may have had some hormonal changes that did not seem to work themselves out like they did after my first son was born.  I’m not sure when the hormonal shift started (it might have been when my cycle started back after his birth, or perhaps when I stopped breastfeeding when he was almost a year old, or maybe it was immediately following his birth), but I do know it didn’t stop until I made a recent change.  I’ve been taking a supplement called “Women’s Best Friend.”

Let me explain the sort of hormonal craziness I’ve been dealing with.  Like I said, I don’t know when it started, because it took me a while to recognize the pattern.  It basically amounted to really terrible PMS.  You know, the week before your period when you sometimes get really cranky.  I would get really cranky.  And angry.  And for at least a day or two, I would think about divorcing my husband.  Sometimes I thought about taking the kids with me, and sometimes, I would fantasize about leaving them all.  It sounds kind of funny now, but at the time, I really thought I was thinking straight and that my feelings were totally legitimate.  Really, I feel so bad for my husband now, realizing what he put up with!  (He is quite the trooper!)  It took a friend mentioning that she was dealing with really bad anger issues once a month to realize that was sort of what I was going through too.  Plus, we both had our second child around the same time.  Whatever was going on, I knew I needed to deal with it somehow.  My next stop was the health store, where I was lucky enough to speak with an employee there who actually specializes in women’s health.  She directed me to try “Women’s Best Friend.”

You’ve heard that diamonds are a girl’s best friend?  You heard wrong!  Women’s Best Friend really is just that: it has been a total life-safer over the last couple months!  It has truly changed my life!  It’s an all natural, herbal supplement which contains Goldenseal (for cleansing), Jamaican Dogwood (for pain control), Cramp Bark (for cramp relief) and Red Raspberry Leaf (for uterine toning).  This supplement actually cleanses and tones your uterus for hormonal balance.  It can even help if you have serious problems like endometriosis or fibroids.  Now, to get down to the nitty-gritty of what the girl as the health store told me, I will explain a couple things that are unpleasant to think about, but something you may want to know.  First, she said that most women have “sludge” built up in their uterus: old blood and other yucky stuff that doesn’t get released with each cycle.  Second, she said that the first couple of cycles on Women’s Best Friend would mostly likely be really rough as that “sludge” was getting cleansed from your uterus.  Luckily for me, neither of these seemed to be the case, as all I have observed about my cycle since starting the supplement is that is has actually gotten much shorter and less painful. 

I don’t know exactly how it all works, but I do know that this supplement has helped me so much!  This past PMS week, I did not even have any PMS symptoms!  And this was only my second cycle on the supplement!  No thoughts of leaving my family to run off and live in a cave somewhere!  It truly has changed my life and I would strongly encourage you to give it a try if you are dealing with a hormonal imbalance or any more serious female issue!

More information on Women’s Best Friend


3 thoughts on “This will change your life

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  2. This is a personal subject, but I’m so glad you wrote about it! There are so many women who deal with this issue and would like a natural way to combat that. (Incuding myself-my mood swings that wek are fierce.)

    • I’m glad you read it then! I did feel a little vulnerable sharing something so personal, but if someone reads it, tries the supplement, and experiences the success I’ve had with it- it is so worth it! I know how hard it is to deal with those awful mood swings, and even a sweet husband like mine can only take so much! Good luck! Let me know if you give it a try!

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