“There’s nothin’ like experimentin'”

With the hubby out of town, I decided it was a good time for some beauty experimentation.  Among my beauty needs: dry hair and broke out skin.  So, why not just dig into my box of magic tricks and concoct something?  The hair was easy: I had already read that coconut oil makes a great hair treatment, so I had that one in the bag.  I scooped out about 1/4 cup of cold pressed, virgin, organic coconut oil and stirred it a little to soften it up.  Then, I just applied it to my hair one section at a time ’til my hair was good and oiled up.  I let that sit while I focused on my skin.  I already had some tamanu oil, which I have been told is great for fighting acne.  Now, typically, I really have pretty good skin.  I have never had acne and rarely have breakouts, but since I have been trying all of these different homemade things, my skin has kinda freaked out!  I searched around my kitchen for a way to turn the tamanu oil into a scrub and came up with sugar in the raw.  I put a small scoop of this in a little bowl, then poured just enough of the oil in it to make a thick scrub (tamanu oil is pretty pricey, so I certainly didn’t want to overuse it!).  Next, I added some sort of ground orange scrubby stuff, and a couple drops of orange essential oil.

While my hair continued to soak up the coconut oil, I gave my face a good scrubbing with my mixture.  The sugar in the raw was a little painful, but I’ve always wanted to a face scrub to feel like it’s scrubbing 😉  I scrubbed for a good minute or two, then rinsed it off, leaving the tamanu oil residue to soak into my skin.  I would call this experiment a success because afterwards, my skin felt awesome, and today, it looks better.

Then it was time to wash out the coconut oil.  I did my usual baking soda wash.  Then I did it again.  And again.  The coconut oil would not come out.  I even washed it with straight bar castile soap.  No luck.  I had to get to my parents’, so I threw on a baseball cap and called it good for the night.  Yuck.  This morning, I caved and used some organic Italian Grape shampoo at my mom’s house.  Thankfully, it got out the coconut oil… and my hair feels incredible!  I would say that leaving coconut oil in my hair overnight was a good plan!  It has never looked or felt better!  However, next time, I might go a little easier on the coconut oil and not use so much.

Overall, I was pretty happy with my experimentin’, even though my three-year-old came into the bathroom midway through and said “Mom, you stink!”  My boys are always full of such sweet words for me ❤


2 thoughts on ““There’s nothin’ like experimentin'”

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