Over the Last Day…

These are the products I have made over the last day, in order from left to right:

All purpose cleaner containing vinegar, borax, liquid castile soap, water and tea tree oil

All purpose floor cleaner containing vinegar, water, a little bit of Borax, and tea tree oil

Fabric softener containing baking soda, vinegar, water and lavender essential oil

Laundry detergent containing bar castile soap, washing soda, borax and water

Lavender-scented deodorant

All the supplies required to make these products:

Corn starch, baking soda, borax, vinegar, washing soda, bar pure castile soap, shea and cocoa butters, almond-scented pure liquid castile soap (I do not like almond scent, but I got it by accident, so I just used it), lavender and tea tree essential oils, vegetable glycerine and vitamin E oil.

Granted, I have spent about $50 on these supplies, BUT I was able to save money by using the containers I already had to put my homemade mixtures in (I just made sure to clean them out REALLY well), plus, I only used a tiny bit of each of these products, so there is a lot left to make batch after batch of this stuff!  I will say that the shea and cocoa butters are kind of pricey and won’t last as long as the other items, but this is still much cheaper than buying an all natural deodorant at the store (which was the product those two ingredients were used in).  And, I will use them in lotions and the like once I find a combination that works.  Yesterday’s attempt at both a shaving cream and hand cream was unsuccessful, but I wasn’t too sad about it since the deodorant came out so great! 😉  So, all in all, out of the approximately $50 I spent on supplies, I have probably already gained back almost 1/2 just by making these 5 products alone.  I even mixed up a hand soap using the pump bottle from my store-bought one after I ran out of it, and a liquid dish soap doing the same.  If you count those in, I’ve made up more than 1/2!

All of my recipes have been adapted from blogs I’ve read or recipes I’ve gotten from friends.  I am by no means a chemist or a whiz at home concoctions 😉  I do truly love using all natural products, though, and find store-bought versions to be really expensive.  While it would be easy to just buy regular old stuff at the store, I am becoming increasingly concerned about what my family and I are putting on and into our bodies.  I’ve never thought of myself as a hippie, but all signs seem to be pointing in one direction 😉  My love of yoga has encouraged this mind frame as well, as eating unhealthy foods is not conducive to a good yoga practice.  And I started figuring if I wasn’t going to eat chemicals, I might as well not put them on my body either.


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