Baking Soda: My new BFF!

Today, I have washed my hair, my sink, my bathtub, and my face… with baking soda. And guess what? I don’t feel the least bit crunchy. Ok, that’s a stretch, because as I was calculating just how many things I had washed with said baking soda today, I pictured in my own mind what a person who uses baking soda as their main cleaning and beauty ingredient would look like… let’s just say I still shave my legs and I don’t have a child named Rainbow. Or Puddle ala Running Wilde.

Anyways, I actually found that baking soda, in combination with other products, did meet my expectations in both cleaning and beauty product capacities. Since I am trying to go totally chemical free, I decided to try some alternatives to the typical products I use on a daily basis. A friend recently shared some of her natural home cleaning recipes, while another friend has been blogging about her adventures in going ‘Poo-Free. (SHAM-poo, that is.) I found the directions for using baking soda as both a cleaning solvent and beauty product quite easy to follow, and I have, in fact, used it before for a couple of things other than baking (or odor absorption). I use it regularly to clean my stove top, which is one of those electric ones with the glass top. Baking soda gives it a good scrubbing without scratching it. I found the same to be true when I used it around the kitchen sink, and it even did a good job of cleaning the white seal around the sink.

I decided to go to the bathtub from there, since it was my main goal of cleaning for the night after I had stained it red with paint from a craft project. (Had to hurry and clean it up before the hubby saw THAT mess!) I didn’t want to take the time to stop and look up the “scrubbing” recipe my friend uses, but I remembered she uses vinegar in a lot of her cleaning recipes. What I forgot, however, was a lesson we all learn in, say, second grade: baking soda and vinegar mixed together create a volcanic eruption. Funny how you forget these things. So, after I cleaned up the foamy mess which exploded all over the counter and floor, and the volcanic cleaning solution had subsided it sudsing, I took my mixture to the bathtub. I plugged up the tub and poured the solution in. When that wasn’t enough, I poured the baking soda right into the bathtub, then poured the vinegar right on top, letting the “explosion” do a little cleaning of its own. All in all, after quite a bit of scrubbing, the tub is as clean as when I use a bleachy, scrubbing chemical cleaner. Only, next time I get in for a nice soak, I won’t be wondering what the bleach residue is doing to my skin 😉

Earlier today, after going ‘Poo-free myself for almost a week (I have very dry skin and scalp and can get away with this better than most people!), I decided it was time to try and use the baking soda wash method. Baking soda is alkaline-based, and, if you have a dry scalp like me, you will want to put something acidic in the hair to return the PH back to normal. An apple cider vinegar rinse works great for this. Because I don’t want to use chemical shampoos anymore, I did some research on the whole process. I learned that the use of chemical shampoo begets the need for more chemical shampoo. They strip the natural oils from your scalp, causing your body to produce even more oil. The more you strip it, the more it makes, the more you feel the need to wash with shampoo. Today, I used one tablespoon of baking soda mixed into one cup of warm water. After wetting my hair, I simply poured it a little at a time while scrubbing my hair with it. After I rinsed this off, I used a similar concoction, this time with apple cider vinegar. One tablespoon vinegar with one cup of warm water. I poured this all over my hair and let it sit for a minute. Once it was all rinsed out my hair felt pretty clean. I blow-dried it as usual and it styled way better than normal because it wasn’t limp from the over-scrubbing it usually gets from chemical shampoos. However, it did look and feel just as clean as if it had gotten its typical scrubbing.

Finally, tonight before bed, I used baking soda to wash my face. I have been using Dr. Bonners Castille Soap as a body wash and decided to use it on my face tonight.
I sudsed it up on a wash cloth, then sprinkled baking soda on top and sudsed it all up some more, then washed my face with it. It made my skin feel great. It gave me some exfoliating while efficiently cleaning off make up and residue from the day.
No night time beauty routine is complete without my new favorite all-natural beauty product, my lavender lotion bar, courtesy of The Bumble Bee Studio!

I have been using it on my face… not necessarily what it’s intended for, but it smells and feels great! I highly recommend all of the products from The Bumble Bee Studio, as they are all natural and SO luxurious!!!
The Bumble Bee Studio

My next planned adventure?  Making my own deoderant… Stay tuned!


3 thoughts on “Baking Soda: My new BFF!

  1. Love this, I’ve been doing the baking soda apple vinegar rinse for almost weeks now, and I’ve been happy with the results. I’m happy that my little ones will be exposed to less chemicals as they grow up. Good for you!

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